unReal Estate

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Net worth {{netWorthAbb}} / Savings ${{playerSavingsAbb}} / Debts ${{playerDebtAbb}} / Rent Income ${{totalRentAbb}} / Monthly Mortgage ${{totalMonthlyMortgageAbb}}

How to play

Welcome to unReal Estate, the game where you become a real estate mogul! The goal of the game is to become a billionare before January 2100 - your net worth is the score. Your path of glory begins in december 1999 when you have saved enough dough to buy an apartment in Athens, Greece. You pay 20% of the cost and the bank will lend you the rest. This property will provide a rent in return and you will also be paying mortgage until you repay the debt. Beware of economic cycles as real estate will go up and down periodically. The game will last 2-10 minutes.

Actions you can perform:

  • Once you have enough savings buy an apartment where you can afford it.
  • You can sell any/all your properties as long as you have waited a year since the last bought property in that city.
  • If you have enough savings, cancel your mortgage to avoid paying hefty interests.
  • Every 15 years you will be able to refurbish your properties to avoid losing value.
  • Adjust the game speed (bottom right) to your playing abilities.

Some help:

  • Net worth (AKA the score) = savings + owned properties value - debts.
  • Sell price is lower than buy price because your properties need repairs and are worth less than market price.
  • If you sell on the top of the boom and buy at the bottom of recession, you can afford more expensive properties but will lose rent income in the meantime.



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Created by xavils, inspired by Hyper Hippo's Ad Capitalist.